before & after

Yay... Finally a functional yard!!! 

Candy Corn Halloween

This year we threw a candy corn themed Halloween party... and it was a blast! 
Everyone went all out on their costumes... they were pretty awesome!
We played some pretty sweet games as you can see... 
Donut eating contest, pumpkin dart pinata, and trick or treat fear factor!
I wish I had more pictures of everyone that came and one of my lil family, 
but we were having so much fun that we forgot to take one :(
Thanks to everyone that came!


Kirtland Temple

Love the picture on the right but Derrick's eyes are closed :(
Oh well I thought I would share it anyway.

 This is the Whitney's kitchen in the general store they owned.
They also had a summer and winter kitchen in their home.
Three kitchens... Elizabeth must have been a great cook!

 Beautiful grey and blue pitcher.

Derrick's photography he was pretty proud of himself.
So proud that he drained my battery! :)

Khloe girl loved visiting the temple.
Any building that sort of looked like a temple she would yell "temple!" So sweet!


Bubbly Birthday

We celebrated Khloe's 2nd birthday by having a bubble/pool party. It was a success! Weather was perfect, pool to ourselves, lovely guests, and so much fun! Summer birthdays are hard because we are away from home but we made the best of it. Thanks to everyone that could make it! 


Khloe turns 2